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Indopathy Arogya Hospital is natural therapy treatment centre curing all the health ailments for Humans across the Globe using 100+ Ancient , Traditional and Natural therapies without any side effects and completely in natural and safest way by reading the patients health using Nadipathy technique " Which is our Ancient Way of Diagnosis "

As a Traditional Therapy Centre more than 5 Generations, treating the issues across 24 Countries, Benefiting over 8.2 Thousand people.

Family Hospital is an integrated clinic offering behaviour health services alongside traditional family practice services. Integration and care coordination deliver a higher level of care with you at the centre. We have a team approach to your care and adjust to your healthcare needs proactively.

Our alternative therapy system does not follow a specific boundary as it is immensely diverse. It takes a holistic approach to cure where lifestyle, diet, heredity and many other internal and external factors are considered apart from the ailment.

effective alternative system of medicine

Sound Therapy
Varma & Reiki
Therapeutic Touch
Leaf Therapy

Indopathy is a traditional wellness centre with good diagnostic accumen and supportive and patient approach. All the staff were friendly and helpful.
I highly recommend Indopathy Hospital. Their vast experience, accumen to diagonise and prescribe appropriate treatement results in wholesome healing.
Excellent ayurvedic massage treatment and available all traditional therapies. There is no medicine and no fear of side effects.
Great service, good doctor. Highly recommended. Doctor's readiness to lend an extra ear to eliminate doubts and fears is appreciable. The staff are friendly.