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At Indopathy, We are treating Human health Issues using 100 + Ancient Therapies with the enormous experiences. Indopathy Arogya Hospital is natural therapy treatment centre curing all the health ailments for Humans across the Globe using 100+ Ancient , Traditional and Natural therapies without any side effects and completely in natural and safest way by reading the patients health using Nadipathy technique " Which is our Ancient Way of Diagnosis ".

acid reflux


back pain

blood pressure

cervical spondylosis



gynaecological & PCOD

heart problems


kidney stones

leg, knee & joint pains

migraine & headaches

rheumatoid arthritis

skin problems & psoriasis

stress & sleep disorders

urinary track infections

weight management

Autoimmune Diseases

Bell's Palsy


immune system problems


Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel Disease

trigeminal neuralgia

ulcerative collitis