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Indopathy Arogya Hospital

At Indopathy, We are treating Human health Issues using 100 + Ancient Therapies with the enormous experiences. Indopathy Arogya Hospital is natural therapy treatment centre curing all the health ailments for Humans across the Globe using 100+ Ancient , Traditional and Natural therapies without any side effects and completely in natural and safest way by reading the patients health using Nadipathy technique " Which is our Ancient Way of Diagnosis ". Our Doctor is practicing this therapies and treated many ailments and patients as more than fifth generation as a service across India and Other countries as well

We are experts in Alternative therapies. Many of these healing methods have been used for centuries in many different cultures. A few examples are Acupuncture, Varmam, Cupping Therapy, Panchakarma, Hijama, Thodu Chikkitchai, Ulakai Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Herbal therapy, Neuro Therapy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Mud Therapy, Meditation, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Sujok, Malar Therapy, Bell Therapy, Tibatian therapy, Magnetic Therapy etc.

A Traditional Touch For Healthy Life

Our Mission

We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all of its forms as we foster and maintain a safe environment of respect and inclusion for all members of the communities we serve.

Our mission is to create a sustainable healing space where practitioners focus on wellness, healing, and treating the whole person using the principles of integrative medicine. By cultivating professional relationships, educating ourselves and collaborating in all modalities we strive to both treat and educate people looking to live life to the fullest.

Indopathy strives to provide a healing space in which people are empowered to lead their treatment, learn self care and access their natural healing. Guided by each person’s unique set of circumstances, we collaborate with the individual, the providers and the community at large to promote the best standard of care in all areas of healthcare.

Home of all Ancient Treatments & Therapies

Our Vision

At Indopathy, Our vision is to create a centre of excellence in alternative & Traditional therapies, in which all people collaborate in their healing – mind, body and spirit – and are empowered to engage in their own health and wellness to live life to the fullest.

A fundamental principle of alternative healthcare is understanding each person’s unique set of circumstances. In order to truly know a person’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual world we must deeply listen to the stories shared.